Finish Carpentry, Cabinets and Misc
Victorian Ceilings - (before and after)
Victorian Entryway - (before and after)
Fireplace and Arch Windows - (before and after)
Arch Windows
Victorian Designs
Victorian Entryway
Victorian Ceilings    Another View  
Custom Remodeling
Cabinet Building
Assembling Drawer Guides
Building Silverware Drawer Inserts
Making Dovetail Drawers
Finishing Drawers
Refinishing Front Entry Doors
Arches and Columns (under construction scaffolding)
Custom Fluting for cabinets and pilasters
Dovetailed Drawers and Storage   See More
Pull-out Shelving with roller-bearing guides
Entertainment Centers
Entertainment Center designed to eliminate heat inside
Fluted Pillars and Cabinet
Large Flat screen TV Cabinet   Another View
Base Board with Cabinets   See this Cabinet
Cabinet and Shelving
Book Shelves and Recessed Lighting
A Warm and Cozy Home
Hide your Flat Screen TV
Flat Screen TV and Sewing Machine
Custom Lighting for Ceilings and Cabinets (an evening photo)
Rope Lighting (an evening photo)
Storage Space, both Beautiful and Practical
Sewing Cabinet / Bathroom Drawers and Storage
Drawers for spools of sewing thread
Planing and Designing
Tin Ceilings - Columns and Crown Moulding
Bedroom Ceiling trim designs
Custom Dining Cabinet and Column
Fluted Pillars (made of wood)
Paneled Walls and Pillars
Columns and Arches
Columns and Arches (2)
Recessed Dinning Cabinet     Upper View     Lower View
Custom Woodwork over Doorways and Openings
More Custom Woodwork over Doorways
More Custom Ceilings (bedroom)

Crown Moulding
Custom Mouldings and Crown built at Wall     Another View
View in Dinning Room     View in Living Room
Applying Faux Glazing to these mouldings
Cutting Large Crown Molding
Crown Moulding Blocks (cut away view)
Crown Moulding Block at ceiling
Large Crown Moldings

Fireplace Mantles and Entertainment Centers
Building the Mantle     Mantle painted white
Fireplace Mantle attached to Brick     Another View
Fireplace with flat Screen TV     Before and After
Fireplace and Hearth made with Ledger Stone     Another View
Close-up of the Mantle     Another View
Articulating TV Mount
Stone Entertainment Center with Electric Fireplace    
Another view before the TV and Speakers
Before the stone in the framing stage

Boulders and Railroad Ties Retaining Wall     See more
Southwestern Landscaping - Large Cardon Cactus
Southwestern Landscaping - Wagon wheel
Railroad Tie Steps
Paver Block retaining wall and Railroad Tie Steps     Before and after
Paver Block retaining wall (side view)     During Construction
Paver Blocks wall (right side)     Another view
Railroad Tie Steps with gravel landings
Our Cactus Farm
Large Granite Boulders Landscaping    Another View
New sidewalks and patio walls made of concrete block and stucco
New concrete Patio walls ready for wrought iron    See more
Patio walls with concrete caps colored brown using acid stain
Adding Concrete Sidewalks
Low Voltage Lighting
Replacing rusty Wrought Iron with Stuccoed Block walls
Removing a Pepper Tree Stump

Kitchen Cabinets Granite and Tile work     Another view with oven
Ceramic Tile demo    Another view
Repair plumbing in walls
Cutting Ceramic and Stone Tile
Tiling Kitchen floor
Tile Back Splash
Granite with Tile Backsplash
Pullout Shelving
Kitchen Cabinets (dark walnut finish)  Another View
Kitchen Cabinets (open shelves at corner)
Counter Top with Porcelain Tile (large back-splash)   See More
Recessed Light in Kitchen Ceiling
Adding Recessed LED Lights to kitchen ceiling
Kitchen Ceiling (recessed with wood trim)   A closer look
Kitchen Remodels (new sink and porcelain tile counter top)

Kitchen made of Maple painted with "Dove White" satin paint
Kitchen view of dishwasher, stove and hood    A closer view
Cabinet lighting (no overhead lighting at night)
Pantry and Island     Another view     Another view
The Island     Island drawers
Lower pull-out drawers
Pantry pull-outs     Pantry Spice Racks
Trash container pull-out

Kitchen made of Maple with light stain
Maple cabinets with fridge and sink
Large drawers and sink
Upper and lower cabinets     Another view
Wine rack and tile backsplash     Closer view of wine rack     Another
Close-up of tile back splash
Pantry and spice racks     Another view
Oven view     Maple before staining with face frame
Demo of kitchen installing new wiring and insulation     Another view
The old kitchen (1962) prior to remodeling     Another view

Kitchen made of painted wood cabinets
Cabinets before granite     Another view
Large deep drawer
Spacious pantry

Kitchen made of Hickory cabinets
Large built in fridge and oven cabinets     Another view
Pantry section     Pull out shelving
Stove section     Drawers     Dovetail drawers
Tile back splash with Viking stove top     Another view
Backsplash close-up
Mantle over stove alcove     Another view
Overall view of kitchen

Porcelain tile tub enclosure with accents of stone    Another View
Large porcelain tile with small stone squares    Another View
Tub Enclosure with Porcelain and Stone accents
Porcelain and Stone flooring
Large Vanity surrounded by tile work    Another View
Tile work surrounding toilet
Custom Shower with ledge and soap shelf    An upper view
Stone Accents at floor
Shower Floor and drain
Upgrading 1 1/2" bath tub waste line to 2" line for shower
Another Custom shower with diagonal designs    Another View
Same shower with clear glass doors
Bathroom Vanity, floor and shower view
Dark stained vanity and mirror    Another View
Vanity and Mirror (looking towards the ceiling)
Small 1/2 bath vanity with ceramic tile walls    Upper View with mirror
Tile work behind toilet and vanity
Two large Vanities together (His and Hers)    
Before the vanity was installed and of the recessed lights
Dark colored shower floor made of small porcelain tile
Before and After bathroom remodel
Installing a new 2 inch drain for a custom shower (concrete removal)
Installing new plumbing behind wall for custom shower
Faucet and back splash view
Small profile ceramic tile bathroom floor
Complete Bathroom Remodel
Before and After (demolition of termite damaged lumber)
Complete removal of mold damaged drywall
Porcelain Tile with Stone accents at bathtub and shower
Tiling the wall at towel bar area
Porcelain tile work around the toilet and floor
New Bathroom Vanity and tile floor
Waterproofing- liquid membrane and backer-board before tile work
Mold damage at baseboard near shower
Installation of new porcelain tile with stone accents
Mysterious black mold located inside the bathroom wall
Rebuilding a fiberglass shower with tile
Ceramic Tile - (shower stall in the making)
Setting new porcelain tile in bathroom
Bathroom Remodel with free standing vanity and tile
Laundry Room tile floor
Porcelain Tile (custom shapes for bathroom floor)
Bathroom Accessories and Tile    Another view
Textured Walls and Ceiling with Crown Moulding
Dark Vanity and light Porcelain Tile around Tub     Another view
Bathroom remodel with Soffit Lighting     Another view
Two large Vanities
Porcelain Tile floor in Master Bathroom
Large Soaker Tub with dark Porcelain Tile
Soap and shampoo shelf in tile shower
Bath tub replaced and porcelain tile surround     Another view

LED Recessed Lighting
Replacing old Roofing and Attic Insulation
Solid-core panel doors (interior)
Rough Framing (large storage shed)
Need a Handyman? We do small jobs too!
Rain Gutter repair
Ceramic Tile - (small entryway)
Steel Exterior Doors (garage)
Triple-Layer shingled roof (long lasting asphalt shingles)
Storage Shed 10x12 (we build them to last!)
Window Sill Repairs (drywall)
Installing Pergo Flooring
Installing Light Fixtures in High Ceilings
Installing service Lighting in large Attic
Roof Repair and new Turbine Vents
New Roof Ridge Shingles

Building an Antique Runaway Mine Car & Trestle
Building the Trestle Bridge
Trestle Bridge and Tracks
Trestle Bridge with Mine Car

Hacienda Stairway (outdoor)
Hacienda Stairway (lower view)
Wrought Iron view (looking down)
Stairway in the forming stage
Hacienda Style and Color (with Bougainvillea vines)

Framing during Remodeling
Arches and Tin Ceiling over Stairway
Framing during Remodeling of a Victorian Ceiling
Framing for Recessed Lighting     Another view
Framing for Remodel at Family Room
Framing for Remodel of a Vaulted Ceiling
Roof overhang with starter board
Roof rafters over old flat roof
Gable framing in attic

Stairway Remodel (converting a carpeted stairway to Oak)
Before and After (carpet to oak)
View below with stair clips
View above looking down     Another view

Heavy Duty Storage Space in Garage
Installing the manufactured Beam
Post and Beam installed
Nailing on the 4x6 hangers
Storage framing complete
Storage area completed and painted
Inside the Storage Space

Rodents (Rats) in attic, their removal and insulation
Rat Entry (located and repaired)
Finding other rodent entry
Dead Rats and their mess
Pulling out the old contaminated insulation    Another view behind AC
A Clean Attic
New R30 Attic Insulation

General Repair and Maintenance on Condo's and Rental
Damaged drywall from leaking pipes
Broken ABS drain pipe inside wall
Pee trap replacement
Toilet and Vanity update     Another View
Shower Doors replacement
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More photos on the way as we build!
Our Portfolio Archives   
(When we were French and Sons Construction Co. 1976-1978. Then later became CDM Construction Co Inc. 1979 - 1992)
Slide Photographs taken 1976 - 1982 by, David French.

Pouring Concrete Caissons 1976    Glen with the concrete truck
Chris and Glen (my father) looking down into a caisson footing 1976
House Framing 1977
Glen French (my father with French and Sons Construction Co.)     Glen with his 1971 Ford truck
Our 1st tool trailer
Glen French loved his early morning coffee 1977
Chris rough framing 1977
An early tool trailer 1978    Another view
Box Canyon homes 1978
Remodel framing (Chris and Tom) 1978
Chris on tractor 1978
Glen and Chris 1980
Glen on forklift 1980
Framing new home 1980
Building on Lyons Ave 1980    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7
5000sq ft House Framing 1980    Part 2
Our Tool Truck we called "Louie"
Glen French 1980
Christopher French and Tom Clark 1980
Chris and Tom setting Glue-lam Beams 1981
Woodland Hills Medical Bldg 1981
Building in Northrige 1981
Office Bldg 1982    Another view with Glen
Port Hueneme Professional Bldg 1982
Lake Arrowhead 1975
Building my own two car garage 1981
Garage framing with dormer windows 1981     Another View
Tearing down the old walls 1981
Setting new concrete forms with Aubrie's help 1981
Pouring concrete 1981
New bedrooms addition 1981
Remodel and additions to a 1906 house
Santa Ynez Arabian horse barn framing 1981
Building my own home 1982    Another view
Chris at roof framing 1982    Another view
Andrew loved the tool yard 1982
Our 4th tool trailer (With David and Marleen, after we sold the big truck, Louie, due to the 1982 recession)

(When we were doing panelized roof systems and floor decks for concrete tilt-up buildings)
Photographs taken 1987 - 1991 primarily by, Christopher French.

Our 5th tool trailer (when work was divided among many foremen who had various trucks and trailers) 1987
Large crane lifting our machinery over a two story building 1988
Our custom made 20 nail gun machine 1989    Side view    Rear view
Panelized roof construction 1990
Chris transporting roof panels with Paul 1990
Loading large roof sections 1990
Stacking roof sections for transport 1990
Bringing roof sections inside tilt-up building 1991    The Freightliner    A long load!
Chris with Lull reach machines 1991

New addition of Archives (added on March 10, 2012)
due to the requests of those who enjoy looking back to our past.
Photographs taken 1977 - 1991 primarily by, David French.

CDM crew 1981 (left to right-Tom, Brian, Jeff, Nick, Pedro, Louis, Virgilio, Chris, front was Jack, the superintendent)
Chris and Tom setting giant glu-lam beam, Glen watching
David French 1980
Mans Best Friend (Glen with Dr. Golden's dog)     Another View
Building new home in Northridge 1977
Chris 1978
Nancy helping with the trucking 1989
Lyons Bldg (Chris carrying lumber) 1980
David and Chris Medical Bldg 1981
Solomon,Oscar and Louis, Woodland Hills Office Bldg 1982
Chris and Tom bolting two beams together 1980
Chris staining large roof rafters, Malibu house 1980
House Remodel 1978 (left to right- Matilde, Jason, Chris, Derrik, Louis (bottom right)     Another View
Brian and Pedro, Lyons Bldg 1980
Glen unloading trusses 1980
Tom, Chris and Nick building a home in Chatsworth 1980 (Chris with sunburned lips)
Lyons Bldg 1980 Chris with beam     More from that job
Pedro posing for camera     Chris not posing for camera
Virgilio reaching to bolt beams 1980     Another View
Jason sitting on rafter-tail 1980
Chris and Tom laying out wall framing 1980
Louis, a very faithful employee 1980
Port Hueneme medical bldg framing crew 1979
(left to right at top- Derrik, Jason, Tom, lower- Kenny, Chris, Guy, bottom- Bill the superintendent, Glen)
Framing crew in LA 1991 (left to right- Jesus, Manuel, Virgilio, Gonzalo, Louis)
Paul and Chris in construction yard 1990

Some trailers and machines from our fleet in the 1980's
Clark forklift
Marklift Scissors lift     Another view with crain lifting it over a building
Boaz equipment trailer for transporting our Lull reach machines
Woodworking machines for our "Adventures In Wood" work shop

Trailers built by Christopher French 1980's
Custom panel roof trailers     Another View
Custom lumber trailer
53 foot flatbed trailer     Another load with glu-lam beams
All photos copyrighted
The photos below have been collected from our work since 2008 when this website began.
Since then we add to the collection as we have time.
Many of our customers tell us that they have enjoyed looking at the photos and reading the little stories along with them (see our
home page)
Occasionally, we receive phone calls from other countries outside the USA asking about a tile pattern, for example, or something they liked in the
photos and want to build it themselves. We find that very flattering and hope you enjoy looking through them also.
The termite photos could help with a school project report, or help people understand what they look like and their droppings as well.
The photos in our Portfolio Archives (very bottom of page) were randomly saved from over 3
5 years ago taken from slide film and photo albums.
We have added them to show that we have been around for a while and do have genuine experience.
Our ultimate goal with these photos of course, is to motivate you to give us a call, so we can meet in person,
and serve you with our talents and skills.
Christopher French
Home Repair and Painting
Master Bedroom with vaulted ceiling     Another View
Dinning Room with laminate flooring
Living Room and Fireplace
Stairway at Dinning Room
Family Room
Hallways to Bedrooms     Another
Bedrooms     Another
Condo Living Room
Brick Hearth with Wood Laminate Floor
Loft and Wrought Iron Railing
Circle Staircase     View looking downward
Arched Windows two stories high
New curb appeal for the outside of house     Another view
New fascia and paint (around complete house)     View at large overhang
Work in progress (Paul and Andrew)
Garage floor painted with Two Part Epoxy

Termite Photos (taken while doing repair work)
Termite droppings (inside an old bath tub access door)
Subterranean Termites (we located their tunnels) Bye-bye termites!
Termites at work    More Termite photos
Termites - "Soldiers" and "Workers"
Termites in the House Trim and Repaint
Termites found in the fascia boards
Termites found in window sills
House trim removed damaged by termites
Repairs of siding and trim completed

Dry Rot and Mold Repairs
Dry Rot Repair (at bay window)
Black Mold under the kitchen sink
Mold damage at the dishwasher
Mold damage inside kitchen wall
Mold at cabinet base
Mysterious mold found inside the bathroom wall
Damage from leaky hot water heater

Pergola, Arbor or Trellis, made of steel for grape vines
Pergola for grape vines to grow     (photo 2)
Welding the wrought iron posts     (another view)
Applying the primer coat of paint    Applying the top coat
Setting the pergola posts in concrete footings
Trellis trusses completed
Installing the trusses for the pergola, (or grape vine trellis)
Close-up view of the trellis roof
Grape Vines
Welding Wrought Iron

Pergola, made of wood
Saw cutting the concrete for new footings
Breaking out the concrete
Free Standing Pergola
Close up of Knee Braces
Pergola made of steel and wood
The pergola steel post footings

Exterior, Siding and Brick
Real Used Brick and Lap Siding Exterior
Lap Siding at Garage
Used Brick Veneer at Patio doorway
Brick at Sun-room (before and after)
Replacing the stucco at bathroom remodel
Stucco (brown coat)
Brick and Mortar Repair (damaged by removing a tree)
Stucco Crack Repair
Removing Stucco (for addition)
Sawing Stucco Wall    Another View
Applying Stucco to a retaining wall
Brick Planter and Walkway

Cultured Stone and Pillars (see patio covers also)
Stone Seating at Swimming Pool
Outdoor Shower for Swimming Pool
Stone Seating and Pillars   
Stone Pillar and Low Voltage Lighting

Water Features
Waterfall in Valencia
Lower Pond and Waterfall
Stone Walkway and Hardscape
How we built the Waterfall

Patio Covers
Solid patio cover built with three pillars made of ledger stone
Patio Cover with Stone Pillars (post and knee braces view)
Patio Cover with Stone Pillars (3 posts view)     Another View
Stone Pillar (close-up)
Block pillar before concrete and stone
Lifting the main patio beam

Shade patio built with wrought iron accents
Wrought Iron with Wood

Shade patio built with steel posts, stone pillars, wood rafters and shade bars
Stone- Steel and Wood
Two-Tone Colors with Rafters and Shade Bars
Stone Pillars and Steel Columns
Under Construction
Nailing Off Patio Shade Bars

Covered patio built with T1-11 plywood for ceiling
Covered Patio   See Another

Covered patio built with 2x6 T&G spruce ceiling
Backyard view with 6x6 posts and 6x8 knee braces     Another view
Underside with 6x8 beam and 4x6 rafters     Another view
Close-up view of rafter corbels at overhang
Close-up of ceiling fan and 2x6 &T&G ceiling

Shade patio built with 2x6 rafters
Shade Bar Patio 6x10 beam 2x6 rafters 2x4 shade bars     View 2     View 3

Shade patio cover built for a front entry
Three stone (Desert Gold) pillars with 6x6 posts     Another view
Street view showing connection to garage     A closer view
View showing 6x10 beam and 6x8 rafters with 6x8 knee braces     A closer view

Free standing patio cover
Free Standing Shade Bar Patio over Spa     Andrew with stain touch-up
Corner View     View from underside
Precut Lumber and Stained ready to erect
2x3 Shade Bars chemically washed and dried ready for paint or stain

Shade patio with long beam span (only 2 posts)
Shade Bar Patio Cover with large beam span     Another view
Patio Post beyond concrete out in grass area     Another view
Notching Fascia board to install rafters
3x3 wood Shade Bars with 2-1/2 inch gaps between

Solid patio cover built with heavy timber
Shoring up the existing 6x20 beams   Another View
Drilling in new Ledger Bolts
Removing old Footings
Digging new 3' deep Footings   Another View
Post Base installation
Cutting 6x6 Posts
Brick repaired after New Footing
Priming the T&G Spruce for patio ceiling
Installing 4x14 Rafters
Cutting off Rafter Tails
Knee Bracing (3/4 & 5/8 through bolts)
New Beams and Posts installed   Another View
T&G Spruce installation
Sloping Rafters to create drainage
Post and Knee bracing complete   Another View
T&G Spruce Ceiling
Outer View with Posts
Inside View   Another View with swimming pool
4x14 Rafters and Spruce Ceiling   Another View
Rafters and Ledger   Another View
Long View underside
Fascia View
Torch Down Roof   Another View
Full View Outside

Patio slab drainage and water damage
Water damage from improperly poured patio slabs
Wood Rot at patio cover
Dry Rot in patio beams
Dry Rot at 2nd story deck post
Dry Rot at 2nd story deck joists
Patio Slab Drainage System

Large covered patio with deck
40'x16' Covered Patio with 10'x10' Deck     Before and after
Preparation of concrete slab     Demo of the old deck footings     Another view
Deck shored up during demo
Concrete slab reinforcement     Another view
Concrete slab poured     Another view
Patio cover in the framing stage     Ledger at stucco wall     Rafters at beams
Completed patio eves     Another view
Fan lights at patio     Another view
Posts and Beams     Another view
Underside of deck with T&G spruce sheathing     Another view
Overall view of patio cover     Torch Down Roof close up

Patio Cover with Truss and Gable Roof
Gabled roof side view
Truss supporting roof rafters

2nd Story Deck
Complete View    Cantilevered Deck section
Patio Decking and Railing
Close up of 4x8 Decking Planks
Deck Posts and Knee Braces
Underside with Posts and Beams    Another View
Fastening the Deck Planks
Spraying on the Primer
Custom Sheet Metal Roof over Kitchen Nook
Master bedroom doorway to the new 2nd story Deck
The Old Deck (replaced due to dry rot and structure failure)

Waterproof Decks
Exposing water leak damage      Damage to deck framing      Failing rafter
Rebuilding a waterproof deck     Mixing of the materials
The finished deck      Deck texture and color
Waterproof deck and patio cover
Underside view     Another view

Concrete Work
Retaining Wall footing (with first course of block, Santa Barbara)
Retaining Wall footing (between two patio levels)
Retaining Wall (weep holes for drainage)
Concrete Patio reinforcement (before pouring concrete)    After
Patio Slab (early stage before outdoor kitchen, Santa Barbara)
Concrete Finish Work
Digging Footings for a retaining wall
Laying concrete blocks
Finishing Concrete
Pumping Concrete hillside staircase
Building Concrete Block Retaining Walls    Another View
Pouring Concrete at water fall
Foundation for Dinning Room Cabinet
Installing drainage for patio slab      Another View
Driveway repair

Roof Replacement
Original photo before repairs (fascia board was infested with carpenter bees)
Tearing off the old 1x6 sheathing      Another view
Roof Rafters exposed now to install new R30 attic insulation
Applying new Lifetime asphalt shingles over Radiant Barrier plywood
Roof replacement completed     Another view
New Charcoal color shingles     Repairing the plywood sheathing
Loading the roof with a conveyor

Roof Remodel (Doing away with the flat leaky roof)
Converting a flat roof over garage to a sloped roof     Front view
Blocking at eves     Another view     Overhang and starter-board
Completed project     A closer view at enclosure wall and attic vent

Ground Level Deck off the House with Solid Patio Cover above
Installing the 2x6 planks
Floor joists under deck
Wood railing and lattice for shade from sun     Outside view
Wood railing     Another View    Outside view     Another view
Inside looking out toward backyard     View of wood steps
Patio ceiling with 2x6 T&G painted white
Torch-down roof above

Some photos Just for Fun
Doing work at the Bob Hope Airport
"On the road again!"
A baby Rattle Snake found in our lumber
Humming Bird nest and eggs
Bougainvillea Flowers at Hacienda Stairway
Beware of Dog!
Ocean view from our job in Santa Barbara (early morning photo)
Santa Barbara bay close-up (early morning)
Stucco anyone? (applying the finish coat)
Good Ol' Boys
Beautiful Flower at patio
Hey, Paul Bunyan!
Bird nest with eggs
Fastest Gun in the West!
Mans Best Friend
Father and his Sons
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