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Next to the kitchen, the bathroom would be the most
important room in the house. When a person is in the market to
buy a home, the first room they head for while shopping, is the
kitchen. Why is that? Well, perhaps it's because we spend
much of our time there, and we use the kitchen much for
entertaining guests and family. Another reason is because the
kitchen gets much hard use with water, foods and cooking.
Overtime, kitchens can become very worn down and also very
expensive to replace, not to mention the inconvenience of
going without a kitchen during the remodeling process.

Remodeling a kitchen doesn't have to be something to dread.
We make the process painless as possible. Our goal is to keep
your kitchen up and running as long as we can before we
remove the appliances and sink. Most contractors send in
different crews to do different phases of the construction
process. For example, the first phase may be to demolish the
cabinets and counter tops, and that would include the sink and
dishwasher being disabled. Then, while waiting for certain sub
contractors to come and do their parts, (an electrician for
example) much time passes and you end up washing dishes in
your bathroom sink for a long time. Because we do all the
trades and phases ourselves (except certain counter tops),
there is no waiting time for sub contractors to free up from
other jobs to come and do yours.

We begin with offering over 250 different styles of doors to
choose from, and with many different types of woods, stains
and colors. Before we build any cabinets, detailed plans are
drawn, which were inspired by time spent planning with our
customers, so they will be confident of what their new kitchen
will become.  

Kitchen cabinets come in various designs and styles. They can
be designed for practical use where the appliances are laid out
well for everyday use, or they can be designed with added
woodwork and special trim for a showy appearance, providing
the room is large enough to waste a little cabinet space in the

Kitchen cabinets through the years have always been built with
a wide variety of building methods and materials, depending
upon budget or the company who made them. Production made
cabinets, like those made in China, with pre-made size boxes
that home builders stack and screw together to build a kitchen,
save money, but don't last. Their drawers and shelving soon
fall apart because of their cheap materials, which are then very
difficult to repair.

Quality built cabinets will last a very long time. When a person
opens the door of a cabinet or pulls out a drawer, they can
usually tell if the cabinet is made of quality materials and
workmanship, or not. We believe in quality built cabinets and
never compromise in our materials and workmanship.
Everything we build is custom made with long-lasting strength
and beauty a person can be proud of!

New ideas in kitchens today have made life easier. One idea
which we believe is well worth doing, is adding pull-out shelves
to the lower cabinets. Bending down and getting on your knees
to pull out that large pot or pan on the bottom shelf can be a
real pain, especially as we get older. Pull-out shelves make it a
breeze to access lower shelves. Roller guides for drawers and
pull-outs come with ball-bearing slides that have up to 100
pound capacity, which make heavy drawers open smooth as

We take extra effort when installing drawer guides because
improper alignment will cause binding and catching when the
drawers are operated, which then leads to premature wear and
frustration. Accuracy in drawer construction and skillful
techniques during installation make drawers close with very
little effort so they last longer and are a pleasure to operate.

Tile stain paint layout countertops lighting electrical reface or
Above: upper cabinets built with maple and a light stain.
The ceiling above has a slight slope upward.
This section
of cabinets are
notched to fit the refrigerator.
This view displays two large drawers left of the sink with
heavy duty roller guides to store heavy pots and pans. The
dishwasher is new to the home for the first time since the
home was built.
These lower cabinets included a small wine rack built in.
This cabinet (left of the stove) displays the beautiful
granite which had veins of quarts rock and amazing colors.
Lit by LED lights under the upper cabinets, the tile back
splash added tremendous
beauty and personality to the
kitchen. We take special care when designing and
installing these special tiles of stone, glass and travertine.   
We prefer dovetailed drawer boxes because they hold
together much longer than butt-joint and staple methods.
The roller guides are adjusted carefully to prevent binding
and make
drawer use a pleasure.
This kitchen needed a complete overhaul. With outdated
electrical outlets and lighting, we would have not been able
to install the many new appliances of today's standards.
New circuits were run directly from the electrical panel. The
home didn't have insulation in the walls so we replaced it
with R13 and R30 in the ceiling. Recessed LED lighting
was installed in the ceiling on a dimmer switch for ether
super bright light or just a little ambiance. We repaired the
concrete floor by grinding it down to remove residue and
gouges from tile floors done in years past.
New drywall,
texture and paint made the kitchen 50 years newer and
ready for our maple cabinets!  
Paul and Andrew, assembling the 13/16" thick solid maple
face frames with waterproof glue and special hardened
steel pocket screws.  
Our cabinets are built specifically to fit the kitchen layout
and design without compromising by mass producing
generic size cabinets and making up the difference with
oversize trim boards.
Andrew and Paul, installing new insulation and drywall
once the new electrical wiring and outlets were installed,
prior to new kitchen cabinets.
This view shows our new remodeled kitchen with all its LED
lighting, both in the ceiling and under the cabinets, tile
back splash, wine rack, new dishwasher, tile floor, granite
counter top, and solid maple cabinets.
Completed maple cabinet with wine rack prior to staining.
Our construction methods in cabinet building produce
strong, long lasting cabinets. You can truly see the
Andrew applying oil stain to the new custom cabinets.
Good natural lighting is important to detect any
imperfections, like sanding marks, which will be removed
prior to our hand rubbed finish.
This stove was located close to the pantry for practical use
and layout in the kitchen. We installed a porcelain tile layer
against the pantry to prevent grease or heat damage,
which worked very nicely.
During the remodeling of this kitchen we were able to keep
the sink and dishwasher in full operation. The customer
only went without a sink and dishwasher for 2 days. This is
our goal, to make it as convenient as possible during
construction stages. Even the Viking stove top (in the
background) was fully operational during remodeling.     
This 1962 kitchen lacked so many things we take for
granted in kitchens today. Not having a dishwasher is
something most people would really miss. The old drawers
were always binding and catching, bottoms falling through,
doors sagging, staying open just a little.
Electrical outlets
wanting, no built-in microwave, etc. When this kitchen was
rebuilt it made the home feel brand new!
Wide, tall and deep drawers help store large pots and
pans under the stove top. They slide in and out on heavy
duty roller bearing drawer guides.
Pull-out shelves make life easier by not having things
buried behind cans and boxes. They also come in handy
on lower shelves to keep a person off their knees. Notice
the wrought iron door pulls on 7/8" thick doors.
These beautiful cabinets were made of solid Hickory,
stained with dark walnut. The door pulls were made of
wrought iron for an old world look. The doors and drawer
faces were 7/8" thick.
The pantry section was loaded with
deep pull out shelves on ball-bearing guides.
This Viking stove top was surrounded by a tile back splash
made of classic 6" and 4" tumbled stone. The counter top
was made of Caesarstone.
Another view.
We built this custom made stove mantle from oak and
hickory, the corbels were made of rubber wood. It wasn't
possible to get the corbels and crown mouldings in hickory to
match the cabinets, but they blended very nicely. It made a
beautiful focal point and center piece to the kitchen.
This drawer was built 18" tall. Notice all the dove-tails going
up the sides. We used Baltic birch plywood for the drawer
box because of its strength and smooth finish.
Here is a view of the island and dishwasher. The counter
top on this island had more square footage than most
kitchens have altogether.
The planning of face frames dimensions are critical to how
much space can be
lost or gained in the cabinets and
drawers, along with not hitting opposite drawer pulls when
being opened.
When we build custom cabinets you won't find any plastic
corner supports or cheap filler wood to fall apart later. Our
construction methods are
designed and built to last.
Solid oak doors and drawers were used in this kitchen. The
oil stain was dark walnut. To save money, we kept the old
cabinet boxes and face frames because they were still in
good condition. After sanding and refinishing them, we
installed new doors and drawers. The kitchen was like new
again, even better than before because we upgraded the
doors considerably.  
Here is another view of replacing doors and drawers and
keeping the old cabinet boxes and face frames. New sink
and tile counter tops were replaced also. The light used to
be the type made of plastic sheets and florescence. (See
next photo for story).
Nice big fat drawers for plenty of storage. The fridge went
between these two pantry sections of equal design. The
drawer bottoms were made of 3/8" thick white melamine.
Here is a counter top made of porcelain tile. The colors
and designs in porcelain tile now days are very beautiful!
There is no need to worry about the grout lines because
porcelain tile is much stronger than ceramic tile and the
grout holds very well. We recommend applying tile sealer
every couple of years to protect the grouting. This
customer commented later that the grout never absorbed
any of her baking powders or ingredients when she baked,
often! We still miss her baking us goodies to this day!
Granite is nice, but a properly done tile back splash can be
even nicer. A person can be very creative with tile, the
colors, shapes and designs are endless! They can add so
much to the kitchen's appearance!
This recessed area of the kitchen ceiling once had
florescent bulbs and plastic sheets covering it. We are
finding that most people remove that type of lighting when
possible because of the outdated look. In this photo, we
saved money by installing crown molding in the corners,
patching the drywall, texturing, and installing one light in
the center.
In this view of the kitchen, the stainless steel appliances
look so beautiful with the
dark walnut stained, hickory
cabinets. The large built-in refrigerator was very
impressive when we saw it's capacity inside. The
microwave oven was a free standing one that sat in its own
shelf, easy to replace if ever needed in the future.
This kitchen was very impressive in size, with high ceilings
and beams above. The whole house had an old world
Spanish look to it, with wrought iron lamps, balcony
railings, corbeled rafter tails, etc. The new kitchen cabinets
were also old world in design with wrought iron door pulls
and tumbled stone tile, which blended very well with its
These drawers were made of solid Hickory for the front,
and Baltic birch plywood for the box, with
corners for added strength and beauty.
Tile back splash can be so beautiful as they are more
noticeable than the counter tops themselves. Under
lighting at the upper cabinets help show it off and create
relaxing ambiance in the evening hours.
Paul, breaking out the old ceramic tile counters. Notice the
lighting in the ceiling with plastic sheets and florescent
bulbs. These lighted ceilings are going out of style now
days. We removed this lighting system and installed
recessed LED lighting, which is better and more efficient,
with an updated look.
Oak cabinets, granite counter top and stone tile
back-splash, made this kitchen come alive, after a broken
waste line slowly rotted the inner cabinets.   
Photo left; Christopher, Paul and
Andrew French, after one of their
completed kitchen remodels.
(April 2012)
We believe that kitchens are the most important room of the home, as they provide the everyday necessities of
food preparation, storage and resting place to enjoy our meals. The gathering of family and friends seem to
always include the involvement of food in some way. Holidays and special occasions find us busy once again in
the kitchen. With a room so important, we believe it should be built perfectly for your needs in functionality,
design, quality workmanship and beauty. Kitchen remodels are a worthy investment for the home, and most
likely to see a good return for the money spent, whether in a home sale or just everyday personal use.    
Shown above, is an evening photo of a kitchen made with
solid maple wood, painted with Benjamin Moore "White
Dove" paint. The back splash tile was hand made giving a
warm look, using the upper cabinet under lighting effect.
The previous Island was built with the stove top in the
Island. Our customer wanted to have the
Island top free to
use as a work station. Installing the Thermador stove,
shown in the background, made this possible. Counter-top
space is always valuable to have.
Besides the large counter top space, the Island gave
much opportunity to install
large full extending drawers
and pullout shelves throughout.
Before building this kitchen, we spent much time with the owner to decide
every small detail. The location and type of appliances were foremost,
then we planed the drawer
sizes, shelving, etc.  The simple detail on the
cabinet doors were selected with "White Dove" paint color. It truly came
out beautiful! They chose high quality door pulls which gave the doors
and drawers a great feel when opening. We added 12 recessed LED
lights in the vaulted ceiling above, with 4 additional hanging fixtures and
under cabinet lights. Good lighting in a kitchen is very important, with
options of ambiance or work mode.
A beautiful stainless steel hood was installed to
accommodate the
powerful oven. We built a
soffit above the upper cabinets to run the 10"
vent ducting through to the roof, and this added
so much to the appearance of the kitchen.
The built-in refrigerator added much, giving
the kitchen a professional look! The pantry
cabinets stored so much canned and boxed
food, with glide easy pullouts.
This slide-out drawer fits 2 large trash
containers. The heavy duty guides work
smooth and effortlessly! The drawer box is
dovetailed to stay strong and dependable.
Spice racks were attached to the inside of
these 2 pantry doors.
Pull-out drawers are a must. The thought of getting down
on our knees to reach in to access a pot or pan, or some
kind of mixer, doesn't sound too appealing.
Good access
to our kitchen tools will encourage us to use them more
often. This will mean eating out less and more home-made
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