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Serving Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valley, California

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Room Additions
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Custom Cabinetry - Entertainment Centers, Computers, Book Shelving, etc.
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Patio Covers    Decks   Concrete Slabs
Bathroom Remodels
Kitchen Remodels
Ceramic and Porcelain Tile
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Southwestern and Drought Tolerant Landscaping
General Repair and Maintenance on Condo's and Rental Homes
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Christopher French Construction Co.
With over 35 years of construction experience, we are committed to doing the job right
the first time, with utmost quality and dependability. We perform the majority of the work
ourselves, professionally, in a friendly and trustworthy manor, serving Santa Clarita and
the Antelope Valley for all your construction needs.
We do small jobs and repairs too, don't hesitate to ask!

Building nice things for people, one day at a time!
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A little about who we are:

Throughout the years of experience in construction and general contracting, I have
been involved in building several million sq ft of commercial and industrial buildings,
banks, shopping centers, malls, warehouses, churches, custom homes and room
additions, etc. At the age of 10yrs old, I could handle electric saws and power tools
better than most adults. This was because of my construction background with my
father (photo right), who did general contracting all his life. At the age of 7 he put a
hammer in my hand to nail-off wooden floors in the early 1960's. By the time I was
20 years old, I was responsible for running over 3 commercial jobs and 25
employees at one time, progressing to building million sq ft buildings and directing
over 50 employees.

Today, as I settle down in my later years, I enjoy building on a smaller scale. Doing
custom work for people who appreciate experience and quality, not wanting things
slammed together without care for profit, or lack of expertise and knowledge. The
majority of the work I do personally, with my son Andrew. Basically, we are a father
and son business who build their future on reputation, quality and dependability.  
Christopher French
Crown moldings and custom trim-work can make a tremendous difference to the beauty and value of your home or office. We take pride and
special care in our
cuts and miters to be the finest in workmanship and appearance. We will also do the painting or staining for you too! This
breath-taking entryway with wooden carvings (left) and 10 inch crown moldings (right) we built for a Victorian home interior in Valencia, Ca.
Erecting large glue-lam beams for a new Bank of America
and shopping center located in Los Angeles Ca.
We built this custom home with high
cathedral ceilings and large kitchen
and bedrooms in Northridge, Ca.
Andrew French, sanding the fluted corner posts for a
smooth finish prior to paint on this Victorian designed
bookshelf and drawer cabinet. Valencia, Ca.
We take special care in making proper cuts and compound angles
to assure your crown moldings and trim will be professionally
installed and stunning in appearance.
Interested in Custom Cabinetry? Give us a call. We can build you that special
entertainment center you've always wanted, and fit your space exactly as needed!
Don't settle for something store-bought when we can custom make it for you. We
can build flat screen TV cabinets, computer desks, bookshelves, filing drawers,
storage space, etc. Give us an idea or picture and we'll build it for you. With
entertainment centers, you can hide away all your equipment when not in use,
while making the best use of space in your home or office. You can also choose
from many different hardwoods or paint-grade materials for your project. We also
give you the option of
dovetailed drawers, (a lost-art these days) for long-lasting
strength and appeal. Just imagine what you can do with a
wall built with
bookshelves, TV screen, drawers, storage space and even speakers...all in one
unit to your specifications and design!
If your considering putting in new carpet, wood floors or
tile, you may want to take advantage of the occasion
and have us install some beautiful base board. This
photo is an example of 8 inch base, wrapping around
the corner of a custom built TV cabinet. Notice the fluted
corner posts and intricate designs, which we installed
throughout the room. The small investment for
baseboard this size is well worth it. One customer
commented saying,"That's a lot of bang for the buck!"
Andrew, getting ready to install the custom made cornice (a horizontal
decorative molding which crowns any building or furniture element) on
a 40 inch flat-screen TV cabinet. Valencia, Ca.   
We do most of the work personally. Christopher, taping and finishing the
drywall for a custom remodel with plans for; two large flat screen TV cabinets,
bookshelves, pull-out shelves and storage, fireplace mantel, recessed
lighting and soffits, arched windows, all in beautiful Victorian Style!
Add windows to a room to brighten it up!
We can custom make them to fit most
any location and style.
Click Here to see our portfolio!  
Need help in the designing and planing stages? We can
help! Using computerized AutoCad software, we can
design and print out your project before it begins.
Editing is easy, because its all on computer. Floor plans,
cabinets, patios, room additions, kitchens, etc. You'll
never have to worry what the outcome will be because of
the lack of communication. Good planing saves time and
money; but most of all, it brings great satisfaction!
Dining Cabinet (above) built with glass doors and oak framing,
large dovetailed drawers too, for heavy china storage and
silverware.  This particular (full-size)
cabinet was built into a
customized wall, giving additional floor space to the room for
table and chairs.

Arches and Columns (right) can make a tremendous
difference to any room or exterior. Custom wood
framing and sculptured drywall create the arches as
they rest upon beautiful fluted columns, in this living and
dining room interior. Tin ceiling tiles were also used to
cover the old popcorn ceilings.
Tin ceiling installations
are a great way to eliminate the old popcorn ceiling
look. Not only are they beautiful in appearance and
have endless varieties to choose from, but they are
lightweight as well, and can be applied without
disturbing any asbestos (if present in older homes).  
Photo above is a 5,000 sq ft home in the
rough framing stage built by Christopher
French, located in Malibu, CA.
This photo above is a custom made built-in bookshelf and storage drawer
cabinet made of solid hardwoods; accented with fluted pillars, recessed
lighting and arches. Large
baseboards wrap around the room and cabinets
as well. We can
custom build any idea or need you may have to
accommodate your
TV's, surround sound systems, DVD's, storage, etc. With
our computer programs we can
design the project with you before it begins.
In the early 1980's, I was responsible
for the
rough framing of this medical
building in Port Hueneme, CA.
Photo above- Glen French (June 1918 - May 2004)
My father, of whom I am forever indebted to for my construction experience
and upbringing. Glen French was a General Contractor for over 50 years.
Here in this photo above, we completely removed an old fiberglass shower and
rebuilt it from the floor up with ceramic tile. Even the ceiling was tiled too, with an
overall height of 8 feet! All the soggy old drywall was removed and replaced with
water resistant drywall and a high grade mold resistant backer board. We then built
our own shower pan made of dry-pack cement and PVC waterproof membrane. This
customer enjoyed taking long, hot showers; so we tiled all the way up, around the
window, and over the top to ensure water damage would not return again. After our
grout set, we sealed it entirely. The
finished shower was breath-taking in
appearance, with lots of room to bath! Ceramic tile is very beautiful, and can be used
in ways unending to be sure!
Sometimes the job calls for
getting dirty!

Here in this photo on the right,
Andrew and I
replaced an old
wooden shake roof with a
triple-layer asphalt shingle roof.
The new shingles gave the
appearance of real wooden

To begin, we had to remove all the
old shingles and install 3/4 or 1/2
plywood over the entire house. The
dust that accumulated over the
years beneath the old wooden
shingles  was intense. We also
noticed the old insulation in the
attic was limp and worthless. After
receiving the home owner's
approval, we replaced it, and what
a big difference it made. The
owner of this home was very
pleased and could feel the
difference the very first night!  

Crawling around in dusty attics
with insulation and removing old
dirty roofs are not our favorite
choice of work, to be sure.
However, there are times when it
must be done, and so we do it all.
Completed triple-layer shingled roof. See a larger view
Kitchen and bathroom remodels are
very common, due to their heavy
usage and water damage over time.

Mold is caused by slow leaks under sinks
and dishwashers. Cabinet doors and
drawers opening and closing thousands of
times wear and become loose. Counter
tops and sinks break from fallen dish-ware.
Finishes fade, etc, etc. Its no wonder the
kitchen is the most important room in the
house that people consider when buying a
home. Next would be the bathrooms, in my

In this photo (right) the old sink leaked
behind the faucet for many years without
notice, causing a great deal of water
damage to the cabinet and black mold
under the lower shelving.
Indeed, it was necessary to replace the cabinet, sink, and counter top; But the good
news was we were able to save all the cabinet doors and
drawers, which matched
the rest of the kitchen. Therefore the cost of repair was minimal in comparison to
what it could have been. Total downtime for this kitchen was about 1 week; which
included new plumbing and sink, porcelain tile counter-tops, cabinets and
face-frames (we saved all the doors and drawers which were only a few years old).
The entire
kitchen took on a whole new up-dated look because of the tile counter
tops. The selection of ceramic tile these days is absolutely beautiful, and it doesn't
have to cost an arm and a leg to have it in your own home!
Finishing Concrete
Rough Framing
Concrete work and Rough
Framing have always been
an important part of our job,
especially with new
construction. Room
additions and some
remodeling require it as well.

When a project is within our
capability in size and time
frame, we have a great
advantage in passing
savings along to our
customers over most other
general contractors. This is
because we do most all the
phases of the project
ourselves, rather than
subcontracting it out to
several different companies.
This has worked very well for
us because not only can we
keep the costs down, but our
costumers know the work is
being done by the general
contractor himself.

From concrete to finish, we
see that all goes well for
another satisfied customer!
Ready to remodel? If you have been putting off that remodel job, don't wait any
longer. Our experience in building can ease the anxiety and give you the results
you deserve. Because we do the work ourselves personally, we make certain the
end result is what you wanted. We explain beforehand what will be done and why.
During the construction process, all work will be done in a professional,
dependable and courteous manor.
Move or add windows, change walls and floor
plans, build new rooms, kitchens, repair, upgrade, design - create - improve and
enjoy! We can do it for you!!
Subterranean Termites can be very destructive
and costly to homes and buildings. One of the most
common causes we have seen is where conditions
include; consistent moist soil, a warm climate and
wood in close contact with the ground. When
sprinklers, for example, shower on the walls of a
home, or a slow steady water leak under the bath tub
or sink, soak the ground for a prolonged period of
time, create a perfect environment for termites.

Subterranean Termites need moisture to build their
shelter tunnels, (which look like hollow mud straws
running up the concrete foundation) which protect
them from the environment and give them passage
way up to the walls of a building or house. A large
termite colony can consist of several queens and
millions of
workers. The soldier termites (to protect
the colony from ants for example), is larger than the
workers in size and red in color. Their jaws are so
large they can not feed themselves without the help
of the workers. As silent and small as they are, these
little creatures can do great damage in a short
period of time. No doubt, God created them to keep
the forests clean and so on, but you certainly don't
want them in your home.

This photo (right) was a porch that had been eaten
by termites for many years, to the point where it was
unsafe to stand on without collapsing. This damage
could have been prevented if it had been caught in earlier stages. Termite droppings look
like pepper mixed with sawdust. Daily, they push their droppings out of little holes they
make in the wood they are devouring. A keen and observant eye will see their droppings,
but all too often their work goes on unnoticed until it's too late.

This customer also had damage in their bathroom area. When we dug deep into the
ground, about 16" along the foundation, we located the
termite's tunnels. Needless to say,
that termite colony was history, shortly thereafter!

Do you have any termite damage? We can help!
Whether it's new construction from the ground-up or remodels, we are at your
service. Everything from the foundation to the roof-top, we're here for you and want
to help! With room additions, we realize the importance of building to match your
existing home, both in style and structural appearance, as though it were part of
the original house itself. We can also help you in the designing and planning

When it comes to crown moldings and trim-work, you'll love our workmanship and
designs. If you see something in a magazine you would like in your own home, we
will be happy to build it for you and customize it to fit your special needs.

Whichever you desire; a little crown molding in a particular room, or fine classical
architectural woodwork throughout, (like the way custom homes used to be built in
early 20th century), please give us a call. We specialize in building interior pillars,
fluted and carved trim, 2 and 3 stage crown mouldings, wainscoting,
raised or
recessed ceilings and wall panels, picture moldings, friezes, arches,
spectacular entry ways, door headers, soffits, window and door casings,
baseboard, fireplace mantels, book shelving, corbels, Victorian Styles (inside
and/or out),
beautiful ceilings and false beams, etc. See what a huge difference
crown mouldings and trim-work can bring to a home. They will always be enjoyed
for their timeless designs and beauty- for years to come!
We also do ornamental wrought iron
work, and are very creative! Fences,
gates, railings, trellises, etc.

In this photo above, we built a free
standing pergola, made of steel. The
design included various
wrought iron
designs and hammered steel tubes, for a
distressed look. The
roof trusses were
built lightweight but
extremely strong.
Above the trusses, we installed runners of
1/2 inch square tubes, for the grape vines
to grow and hang down for harvest.
The great advantage of having a steel pergola, trellis, or arbor, is that you never have
to worry about dry rot, fire or termites ever again! We used an oil based paint for the
primer and also top coats, which will last for many years. Steel and wrought iron
creations can be very beautiful, and this
grape arbor was no exception!
Clicking underlined text on this web page will display our photos.
Feel free to browse!
Railroad ties and boulders!

Are great for building retaining walls,
or creating a rustic look with low
maintenance. In this photo (right) we
built a retaining wall of 9 foot railroad
ties to keep the hillside from
constantly eroding on to the sidewalk
and driveway below. The wall was 3
feet high and 120 feet long, with
vertical posts 3 feet deep. We then
piled large granite riverbed
rock and
boulders in front of the retaining wall,
some weighing over 6,000 lbs! For a
touch of western flavor, we added
antique wagon wheels and a rusty
old wagon axle. The only
maintenance needed for this
landscape is a little weed killer now
and then. As for the hillside, it now
stays were it belongs. We believe
railroad ties and rock go together like
bacon and eggs, creating a long
lasting simplistic beauty all its own!   
A large backhoe was used
in moving the
6,000 lb
granite boulders.
From spectacular crown molding and cabinetry...
To rocks and

It doesn't matter, we do it all. One of our hobbies is collecting
cactus, and after 20 years of doing so, we've acquired quite a
collection to add to your landscape. If your looking for that
Southwestern look, you've come to the right place! We can
supply the plants, cacti, rock, boulders, stonewalls, walkways,
patios, pergolas, lighting, hardscaping, etc. We also have
resources for locating
antique wagon wheels and artifacts, or
giant cacti (like the one shown below).
Southwestern and desert
landscaping is absolutely beautiful, and with the added bonus of
low maintenance and water bills. This photo on the left, is a
closeup of the fountain grass we planted in various places
throughout the river rocks. The heavy, rusty steel, antique wagon
axle in the background, added the finishing touch to our project!    
Photo below, is a retaining wall built
of railroad ties and rock. The large
Clockface cactus in the background
added to the Southwest flavor!
Our collection of cacti. (10 years old at time of photo).
Andrew planting a large
Cardon cacti.
Water Features are Beautiful!
This photo above is a waterfall and pond feature, we built in Santa Clarita, CA.
Built with over 20 tons of solid concrete, reinforcement steel, stone and river
rock, this water feature will last for decades. Watch our
video here, learn and
see details on how it was built . Enjoy the soothing sounds of water and relax!
Brighten-up your world with new landscaping!

For this particular home in Canyon Country, (photo left) we first removed
tall weeds, which entangled the rusted wrought iron, surrounding the
patio slab with tile work. We then
replaced the wrought iron with an 8 inch
concrete block wall, filled with re-bar and cement. After the stucco, for a
beautiful finishing touch, we
colored the concrete caps with acid stain, 3
coats, and then 2 clear coats, giving them a
warm brown appearance that
will last for years to come!

To give better access to the yard and borders for planting, we poured a
24-30 inch wide
concrete sidewalk with a rock-salt finish. With flowing
turns and curves, it meandered through the yard, beckoning those
present for a relaxing walk.

low voltage lamps on the corner posts gave the patio walls and
backyard that classic look!
New ground cover of red apple, hearty
geraniums and roses were planted, following the installation of an
entirely new automatic sprinkler system.     
Well, somebody has to do it!

When the rain gutter comes loose
on your house, and you don't feel
like climbing a tall ladder to fix it,
give us a call.

Besides fixing gutters, we can help
all kinds of repairs. Most often
our customers have us take care of
all the little things which have been
put off for many years. Why wait,
your home is one of your greatest
investments. Surely its worth taking
care of, and we can help.
Steel, Wood and Stone make a beautiful patio cover!

Photos (left and right) is a patio cover we built using steel posts with
wood beams and shade bars. We then made pillars of 4" concrete
block and architectural stone veneer. Typically, when water pools
around patio posts, over time, they rot out, or become termite infested.
But with steel columns and stone they are safe, and very impressive in
appearance. Over the 4x8 rafters we used 2x4 shade bars at 6 1/2"
OC. This provided more shade than most trellis systems, and with the
two-tone paint between the beams and shade bars, it turned out
absolutely beautiful.

Besides being beautiful, we insure that all
our workmanship is of the
highest standards. We assure that beams and rafters are not
over-spanned which can cause sagging, or inaccessibility of a person
to gain access on top someday in the future. If a rafter is too weak to
support itself, it will certainly be unsafe to hold a person (a painter for
Chris nailing off the 2x4 shade bars.
Real used brick with lap siding made this home in Valencia
come to life!
The Colonial style used brick, we fastened to the existing wood
siding with wire lath. We also added a small footer of concrete to
support the weight, and was necessary to frame out under the bay
window to attach our used brick. Next we put metal flashing over the
top of the brick, then building paper over that and above, up to the
eves. We then applied the James Hardie lap siding over the paper
and existing plywood siding. This fiber cement lap siding is the only
way to go in my opinion! It's a little tricky to cut (using a diamond
blade) but is well worth it. The cost is very reasonable and its
durability is not even in the same class as wood.
James Hardie fiber cement siding is designed to last a lifetime, resisting cracking and splitting, rotting,
termites and many other possible problems. For the trim, we used Azek brand, which is actually made of PVC
material. (Be sure to wear eye protection when cutting). It too, will last infinitely longer than typical wood trim.
What a difference these changes made to the front of this beautiful home!
Used brick and lap siding, very warm
and cozy...Home Sweet Home!
Custom made cabinets make the best use of space!

In this photo (left) we built a dinning room cabinet that was recessed into the wall. The dinning room
was very small in size, and when people sat around the dinning table there wasn't room enough to get
by, or to open the china cabinet to get more silverware. So we enlarged a section of the wall towards
the outside of the house by 20" to build our new cabinet. This added more floor space and openness,
and was more functional during holiday gatherings. If your home has a little extra room on the outside,
this idea may be for you.

This particular cabinet has a Victorian style. (
Click here to see it up close) (upper view) (lower view) We
can build most any style you desire that fits your needs and taste. We work with many hardwoods and
stains, paint grade, oak, cherry, walnut, birch, maple, etc. We can design it to be more masculine or
feminine. Simple or ornate, lots of gingerbread or plain, modern, contemporary or old fashion. This
cabinet was built with solid clear pine pullout draws that each have 100lbs capacity, for that much
needed china storage. It was built with outlets for ambiance lighting as well as other needs. We
specialize in building the unusual (impossible to buy now days with everything made in china) as well
as the common.

Custom made cabinets, if done with care and planning, make the best use of space possible. Why
buy something that will fit the room but not fit your needs? Will that really save money in the long run?
Retaining walls and masonry
work of all kinds.

From finish carpentry to heavy
masonry, we enjoy doing it all.
There's great satisfaction in
watching an 8" block wall go up.
The smell of fresh mortar and
concrete with the tapping sound
of the trowel; strings stretched
tight while mixers spin; it's nice to
look back and see what's been
achieved after a hard day's work.
Brick and stone veneers are
See a larger view of
this used brick patio doorway.
Got Hacienda?

This beautiful Spanish staircase, made of concrete block,
wrought iron and Spanish stucco finish, gave the
Hacienda style we were looking for. It truly complemented
its surroundings, of Southwestern landscaping, with
cactus and desert plants of all kinds. We also added
Bougainvillea vines, red in color, to contrast with the black
wrought iron handrail.
The stairway leads up
the hillside to a 200 ft
long pathway,
accessing fruit trees
and scenic views
along the way.
Careful planning and
hard work paid off.
Besides its
functionality, the
stairway became the
focal point of the
backyard for all to
We do small jobs and Repairs too!
Most often being the case, we find very few bathrooms designed properly to withstand water
seeping into areas that eventually destroy what was once a beautiful room. Mold and
mildew find their way
behind baseboards and vanities. Short-cuts or inexperience during
tile installations are also very common and inviting to water damage to a critical room.

Our methods of remodeling bathrooms and kitchens are very strict when it comes to the
preparation of walls, floors, ceilings and counters prior to tile work, sinks, bathtubs,
showers, etc.
Waterproofing behind tile work or showers is of utmost importance!

The bathroom in the photos seen here, had to be
completely rebuilt from the ground up.
Because of slow leaks over prolonged time,
mold was hidden inside walls, growing rapidly
to the point of heavy odor and mustiness. Termites also took advantage of the situation, as
they made their way up the walls towards the roof rafters.   
Therefore it was necessary to replace much of the wall framing, and all of the drywall with mold resistant drywall, etc. We installed a new
bathtub made of steel with porcelain coating, then built up around it with
porcelain tile and stone accents. The homeowner also desired
that we
tile up the walls behind the vanity and mirror, even at the towel bar area too, which is really a great idea because of the
waterproofing at the floor, so moisture doesn't seep under the walls. If possible, we recommend
installing porcelain tile on the wall first
before the vanity, that way when its time to replace and update the vanity, a person can buy whatever they like without having to redo all
the tile work, not to mention, creating a great water barrier where leaks are common.

We always use a
cement backer board behind the tile for a solid installation; and behind that, we install 30# building paper for a great
moisture barrier. We also waterproof all the seams and corners with
Redgard brand liquid membrane, especially at the floor where
water from the shower over sprays or drips as a person steps out after bathing. Taking a little extra time and money for additional
waterproofing and backer-board is money well spent. A good motto is;
"Save where you can and spend where you must!"
Bathroom remodels and repairs!
Once a home reaches the age of about twenty years or so, depending on how large a family and the bathroom's usage, restoration is
generally needed. Water takes its toll on cabinets, vanities, walls, ceilings, paint and caulking, even the plumbing hardware, all begin
to break down and need replacing. Fiberglass shower and tub finishes wear down too, most often caused by abrasive cleansers,
which may expose black shadowy markings. Slow leaky faucets and drains can cause serious damage if not repaired promptly.
See how we waterproofed this tub.
See the
tile work.
See the
demolition of the old bathroom.
black mold inside the old walls.
See the
finished bathroom.
This patio cover was built with very large timbers!

The original patio cover was built with shade bars (2x4's spaced apart
for shade) over huge beams. The new home owners wanted to make
it into a
solid roof, to be protected from rain, sun and intense heat.

The problem was the original builders
notched the beams into each
other (like Lincoln Logs) instead of
using steel hangers. This idea
over time proved to be a big
problem with dry-rot, due to water and
moisture getting trapped inside the beam pockets.  When we
considered taking down the complete patio cover to rebuild, we felt it
would have been a great loss to throw away the massive beams that
were still in good shape. For example, there were
6x20 and 6x14
beams throughout. The footprint and shape of the structure was also
desirable as it fit beautifully
with the swimming pool.

Because the original patio cover was built without a permit over 20
years ago, we had to perform special modifications and engineering
to bring it up to code.
Earthquake requirements today help save lives
and this patio cover was definitely lacking in many ways.
Engineering upgrades included, deeper and wider concrete footings, approved hardware,
hangers and bolts, strengthening the ledger, adding knee braces for lateral support, etc.
Great care had to be taken when using the
jack hammer around the pool areas for new
concrete footings, while
suspending the complete patio during construction. Matching the
pool decking of brick was critical aesthetically and very challenging due to its 20 year age.

When completed, the patio cover was
stunning in appearance! With a two-tone paint job
between ceiling and beams, recessed lighting,
beautiful knee braces and giant timbers, it
certainly catches a person's attention. Not only
up to code, super strong, practical for outdoor
living, but this patio cover is one of the most impressive and gorgeous we have ever seen!
Enjoy more of the great outdoors with a 2nd story patio deck!

Outdoor living space in Southern California is a worthy investment. Because of our great weather, we can
enjoy being outdoors most of the year. Why not take advantage of that extra space above your yard? It may
be a beautiful view, some leisure time to relax or read a book, or to enjoy a glass of wine after a hard day
at work. Decks also provide shade to the home and patio below, and will add value to your home.

This beautiful deck was built to replace the original deck because of major dry rot, which led to complete
structural failure.
New concrete footings were installed with updated hardware, 8x8 posts and 6x12
The floor joists were made of 6x10's, and all their ends were band-sawn with decorative corbels.  
Decking planks were made of 4x8 which satisfied the fire zone codes and provided a most solid and
beautiful surface to enjoy for years and years to come. All the railing balusters were fastened in place with
brackets and screws for added strength.
The 6x10 knee braces not only supplied lateral support, but
character and beauty as well.  Nails were used sparingly, 95% of this structure is held together with bolts,
structural screws and lags for
exceptional holding power and longevity.

two tone paint job between decking, using transparent stain, and pure white for the remaining structure,
looked stunning. Access to the deck was made possible by way of the master bedroom, with a
new door
and casement window. This particular deck has a wonderful view of the mountains, with sounds of Quail
birds, too numerous to mention. We too, enjoyed the environment while building the project.  
(Photo left) Dry rot can be very destructive: This 2nd story deck collapsed 10" at its main carrying beams. The 2x6 decking planks were the
only reason it didn't fall to the ground. It was wise of the home owners to call us so we could support the falling deck before any serious
damage was done to the property or people. Most often the reason dry rot begins is because of moisture getting trapped behind peeled
paint or
between layers of lumber. Adequate drainage is a must, when water and moisture get trapped dry rot soon begins. To make
matters worse, the original deck was built not according to code, lacking in structural hardware, bolting, lumber and beam size. Shortcuts to
save money or lack of knowledge during construction never pays off in the long run.
Doing it right the first time will save money and grief.      
Click Here to see our portfolio!  
What a difference new floors can make!
This photo (left) is where we installed new Pergo flooring
upstairs in a two story home. To help keep the noise
level down, we installed Sound-Deadening Fiberboard
manufactured by,
SoundChoice. It is especially effective
in partitions and surrounding walls, and is even suitable
for ceilings and floors. It also provides thermal insulation
at a low cost. The customers were very pleased to find
that the noise downstairs was reduced greatly. It also
provided more of a cushion when walking. Closet doors
and pocket doors had to be adjusted for the extra height
in flooring, but we do it all with care while moving
furniture for access. We can install all kinds of hardwood
and laminate flooring.
This stairway above was converted from carpet steps to red oak steps.
Using large oak planks measuring 1 3/4" thick x 11" wide, we were able to say
bye-bye to this old worn out carpeted stairway. It also matched the new
flooring, both upstairs and downstairs. Less maintenance, more beauty!
All photos and text copyrighted
See other web pages with this website:
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Kitchen Remodeling and Cabinetry (Info and photos about Kitchen remodels and more)
Patio Covers and Decks (Info and photos about Decks, Patio Covers, Pergola's and Trellises)
Portfolio (See hundreds of our photos)
Waterfalls (Video and info how we built a large waterfall)
Cardon Cactus (video of how we planted this giant cactus cutting)
Recessed Lighting is a major improvement over florescent lighting in homes and
commercial buildings as well.

This photo (left) shows Andrew installing new canned LED lighting at the Bob Hope Airport. The owners
asked us if we had any ideas to improve on their old florescent lighting in their offices, we

Although LED bulbs are very recent to the industry, we found them to be very good. It's important which
type to use and where, because if not done properly they can be annoying to the eye. They have a huge
advantage over regular bulbs because they use less power to run. For example an incandescent  60W
recessed bulb can be replaced with a LED bulb using only 10W of power, which will give better lighting
as well. They also don't generate the heat of an incandescent bulb. They are however, very expensive, but
they last much longer. Most manufacturers claim there will be a savings over the long run, not to mention
less maintenance changing bulbs.

We use them very often in remodeling because they give such good lighting with a fraction of the power
normally used, and giving off much less heat which can save in air conditioning costs over time. They
also give an updated feeling and look to our projects. Our customers have been very pleased with the

LED light will also save in the lighting of landscapes outdoors, where there is a constant problem with
bulbs burning out here and there, if you know what I mean.
What our customers say about us----

I am writing this review because I would like to share my experience with Christopher French Construction
Company.  I hired them in August 2009 to
remodel my kitchen.  I was unsure about what kind of a counter
top to go with because I wasn't finding any granite that I liked.  
Chris recommended tile, I was hesitant at
first but decided to trust in his artistic abilities, well, needless to say the
kitchen turned out fantastic!  I was
so impressed with the company that I hired them to do many more projects including a stunning
cover.  So if you're looking for a company with fair prices and quality workmanship, then Christopher
French Construction Company is the
one to trust with all of your home improvement projects. Chris, your
hard work is giving people a renewed appreciation of their home.
Nicole C.  
Santa Clarita, Calif.

I'm taking the time to say thank you for
keeping the quality and the marksmanship alive which much of the
vendors now days have gone to China based products not even comparable to what someone like yourself
can do in quality work.  Keep up the good work and continue to provide the
quality and experience.  Again
it makes me proud to know there are still qualified people out there building in America.

George R.   
House Exteriors & Interiors, Painting
Sidings/Stone/Brick & and all Masonry
Dry Rot and Termite Repairs
Architectural and Cultured Stone
Recessed Lighting
Fireplace Mantles and Flat Screen TV Mounting
House and Condo Repair
Rough framing was much of my past:

When I look at some of the old photos from the 70's (left) I am reminded of how many buildings and houses
we (myself, brother Dave and father.
Glen) built and remodeled. The majority of framing we did was
commercial work, shopping malls, banks, office buildings and industrial. We also built many homes and room
additions throughout the years, even barns for horses and self storage units. With commercial framing, there
was no room for inexperienced contractors, the industry wouldn't put up with it for a minute. I carry these
standards along with us today, to our customers in
residential framing and remodeling as well. If there is work
asked of us that I know will be dangerous or bad for the customer, I will not be any part of it, let's build it right or
not at all.  

Today I am able to pass these skills along to my two sons,
Andrew and Paul. Having rough framing skills is a
great asset to our business because any time we need to dig deeper within a home, to correct problems or to
properly remodel, or add too, we know how its built. Some of the biggest mistakes we've seen have been
made by people who remove walls in houses that were load bearing, thinking they would do a little remodeling
on their own. Or, how many times we've seen trusses in attics cut in two, to make attic access ladders, and in
doing so their house begins to separate slowly causing cracked drywall and jambed doorways. The repairs
then involve special engineering and modifying to stop the problem, which can be very costly. So often people
will make storage in rafters and attics, overload them, and then wish they had never done so! Patio covers are
another trap people fall into thinking they can save a little money and then find they have a big mess to haul
away. Very often I will come to a home to give a patio or deck estimate and find abandon post anchors in
concrete slabs or patched holes (from the ledger board) in stucco walls that once held a patio or deck, and
many of these homes were not that old. We are always glad to be of help in these circumstances, to build
something that will last for many decades, if properly maintained.
Photos here were
from the 1970s of
Christopher French
doing rough framing.
This photo on the right is of Andrew
and myself building a sloped roof
over a
flat roofed garage.  When I
offered the option of sloping the customers roof over the garage, and covering the flat roof, they were very
pleased with the idea. Besides not having to re-roof the flat area every 10 years or so (the water never
drained properly) the sloped roof added much to the curb appeal of the home! Plans were drawn, home
owners association gave approval, building permit was obtained,
project completed, everyone happy!
Painting will never end!
Is what I tell Paul and Andrew, when they say, "Do we paint it also?" My father was a general contractor for
over 50 years, and growing up I can remember seeing paint brushes and rollers in the
back of his truck at
all times! Whenever we build or repair something, the need for painting it is always an issue. People's
homes will always need painting at one time or another, and we're happy to include it with all our work!
Staining, refinishing, cabinets, stucco, rooms, exteriors, whatever, we can help and we're very good at it.

In my late teenage years, my dad had been restoring old homes in the Watts and Compton areas in LA for
savings and loans companies. He did this during times of recessions where new construction work was
slow. Therefore, my three older brothers and I spent many an hour putting on paint in those old homes,
dated around the turn of the century. They were large too, and fun to explore! One house after another we
painted. The windows in those old homes were glazed, with little squares that had to be painted carefully
so not get paint on the glass panes. So we got pretty fast, and had races to see who could finish their
room before the other. Today, with a good brush in my hand and a bucket of paint, I can make it happen!
Roof repairs in a major way!
Today's building materials are superior to those back in the 60's. This home above needed a new roof and
fascia which was infested with carpenter bees. When walking on the old roof we could tell that the original 1x6
sheathing boards under the asphalt shingles were broken in many areas. To satisfy code requirements in
this situation of multiple layers of roofing, we
decided to remove all the old 1x6 sheathing and install new 1/2"
OSB radiant barrier plywood, which will be much stronger with better nailing and save on energy costs. While
rafters were exposed, we removed the old blown-in attic insulation and replaced it with new R30
insulation. After the new radiant-barrier plywood was installed, we then added new overhang sheathing and
fascia. Next we
applied a lifetime asphalt roof,  The home owner stated that he could feel the difference in
temperatures being cooler on a hot day with the radiant barrier sheathing. The added costs of repairs were
well worth doing when all improvements were considered. This home became stronger, cooler and more
beautiful to enjoy for many decades to come.      
This photo above is of Andrew and Paul painting a house in Canyon
Country. We had just replaced all the fascia around the whole house (which
was rotted and had termites) and did other various repairs. The great
advantage of having our experience on the job for restoring a house is that
we can handle any problem the home requires along the way, giving the
customer a solid restoration and
beautiful home!
Fireplace Mantles:
They can be built on site
or at our shop. Beautiful
wood work and custom
made to fit your home or
office. We can build them
around stone,
drywall or most any
building material.
Flat screen TV's and Fireplace Mantles
can be a problem in some circumstances
because the home doesn't accommodate them
in an attractive or functional way. Flat screen TV's
can be very difficult to set up without modifying
cabinets, wall openings, fireplace mantles and
even tile or stone. In most cases these electronic
devices are in a focal part of the home too, which
make entertainment centers very important to be
done correctly.

We have the expertise to work with all kinds of
different materials and the creativity to help you
design a system that will be practical and
beautiful. The photo on the right is of a fireplace
that had a built-in cabinet above it which didn't
complement the flat screen TV properly. The TV
components were too high and the marble tile
work needed help.

It was the customer's desire to do a
make-over of the most important focal point of
their home.      
We removed the old cabinet and marble. Then we built a new enclosure from the floor up; with
tile and ledger stone around the fireplace. We built a new mantle with crown mouldings
and special trim. On top we added a
header piece similar to the mantle with more trim and
fluted hardwood on ether side running vertical. We then mounted the flat screen TV with an
articulating TV mount that makes it easy to access the back of the TV with wire hookup and is
adjustable for the viewers. The wood trim was painted with a high gloss paint. Bead Board was
installed on the inside part of the cabinet per our customers desire. The end result was
stunning and very functional, a beautiful focal point for the main area of the home.
Kitchen Remodels are something we do
often during the year.

In this kitchen, we started completely from bare
walls (photo right). The house was outdated and
didn't have adequate electrical for appliances or
even insulation in the walls. When a house is in
this condition, it's crucial to start from scratch and
make things right before spending money
remodeling over problems hidden in walls.

After running new electrical outlets and wiring,
insulation and drywall, the room was ready for
cabinets, which were
made of select maple, lightly
stained. A more practical layout of the appliances
made the
kitchen user friendly.   Recessed LED
lighting, (both under the
upper cabinets and ceiling)
brightened the room in a major way! A beautiful tile
back-splash was added for the final touch!    
This patio cover was built for the front entry!

It all started when this customer asked if there was any way to make the house look bigger, and add
some extra curb appeal? So we designed a shade bar front entry that gave the feeling and look of a larger
house. It also created a small court-yard below to have potted plants or even a wall fountain and sitting

The height of this entry was very important so that it tied into the house correctly and didn't look like an
after thought. The garage roof overhang was cut shorter to have a
ledger board attached to the garage
wall for the 6x8 rafters at just the right height. The
three stone pillars were added to give the entry a feeling
of privacy and enclosure. Low wattage
lights were installed at each post for some ambiance and security
when coming home in the dark hours.

We also added ledger stone to the garage front with brick circling a round window. A complete paint job
on the exterior was done and a
new "Life Time" roof, we installed as we repaired damaged or rotted
plywood sheathing. In the backyard we built a new covered patio. When our work was completed the
house took on a whole new look and added value to the neighborhood!
I can't say enough in praise of Chris and Andrew!  They did a major remodel for me working for over a year.  My home was transformed from nice
beautifully Victorian.  I am thrilled with both their work and with them.  Working closely with them has been a joy.  They are very hard working
and honest -- a combination not readily available these days.  
Remodeling an older home has numerous challenges, but that is part of what these
special men like.  Their creativity is amazing; I honestly don't think there is anything they can't do and do well!  The pictures Chris has on his site
give you a hint of just how beautiful their work is.  I have told all my friends about them because they are truly the best.  If you are considering them
to do work for you, you would be welcome to see my home firsthand.  

Joy L.
Valencia, Ca.

Dear Chris and Andrew,
My husband and I are immensely pleased with our
new patio cover that you recently completed in April 2010.  The greatest way we can express our
satisfaction is by providing you with a recommendation.  

As a professional artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios, I am especially interested in
high quality, superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.  
After reviewing your resume and meeting you in person, we had a good feeling so we decided to give you a try and were immediately impressed by
professionalism and work ethic.  We appreciated your input and ability to listen and solve problems that fit our existing architecture and met
expectations of the project.  We discussed several important issues up front and with your help developed a sound plan.  

Our project was
no small feat.  It included hiring a structural engineer, drawing construction plans (by Chris), obtaining a building permit (we had
four inspections),
digging new footings, respecting an existing pool without damaging it, rewiring, adding new construction, building a roof and
matching existing materials.  In addition, we were both unavailable to be present during the day to day work, so we needed a professional project
manager that
we could trust and depend on to manage the work, communicate with us regularly, make smart decisions on the fly, inform us of
issues, patiently answer questions and never forget to respect our budget.    

Chris and Andrew responded by delivering a
beautiful, well managed project that we will enjoy and feel good about for years.  On the last day of the
project, we were almost
sorry to see them go!  However, we are so pleased that we are looking forward to our next project with Christopher French
Construction Company.  

Thank you,
Kristi Walvoord

Jeannie and I want you to know how happy we are with the
work you did for us.  The deck, doors, and window are perfect.  Andrew and you are
concerned with your work and your customers.  That is obvious by the way you interacted with us during the job.  We had no surprises from
Everything went according to the plan you laid out before you started.  We will call you again for future work.  Thanks again,
We passed with flying colors.  Not a drop leaking.  About 6 inches of rain so far.  Merry Christmas!!!

Al and Jeannie

We had Christopher French's Construction company remodel our kitchen, patio cover, and bathroom in 2009 and were so pleased with their
workmanship that we decided to take out an equity loan to complete our home projects.  Let's just say we have no regrets!   They have completely
transformed both bathrooms upstairs and have installed beautiful
pergo flooring upstairs.  Chris suggested a sound-deadening material to lay
under the pergo for a softer and quieter floor- what a difference!  Our carpeted stairs presented a problem to the company that did our pergo floors
years ago because they are wrap around stairs they told us they couldn't do it.  We gave up on the idea of having wood steps until we hired Chris.  
He installed real oak steps stained and given a protective varnish to provide years of enjoyment, no more carpet!  Even though these are tough
economic times protecting our largest investment, our home was a top priority.  

Nicole, Santa Clarita

Our house is about 20 years old.  We were ready to do some renovations on the house, including
replacement of old fixtures, repairs, and
upgrades for aesthetic purposes.  We hired Christopher French Construction.  What I admire about Chris and his sons, Andrew and Paul, is the
quality of their work.  Their knowledge,
craftsmanship, attention to detail and artistic input is second to none.  Chris will take the time to complete
the job properly, not skipping or short cutting anything.  The result is a beautifully finished project done professionally and at a fair price.

Tom, Santa Clarita Calif.

Chris French is amazing.  He and his sons did all the work themselves.  We had them build a
covered patio, install an outdoor shower, outdoor
seating and lights and all of it was perfectly matched to the existing hardscape.  He consistently provided updates throughout the process so I knew
how much had been spent and what was coming so there were no surprises.  He was a pleasure to work with and his suggestions were invaluable.  
I plan to use him for all of my construction and handyman projects.

Jonathan Land

We would like to thank Christopher French Construction Co. for a job well done, re-tiling our
bathroom floors and shower.  They worked with us to
meet our budget, plus they had excellent design ideas.  We would have never thought to include the small square natural stone to make a custom
design for our tile.  It came out beautifully; we appreciate Chris’ artistic eye in putting it all together.  Both he and Andrew worked very hard to give
us an end-product that we can show off to visitors.  They also kept the house clean during the process by using drop cloths every where they
walked/worked.  And finally, Chris and Andrew are always professional and are a pleasure to work with.  We would recommend their contracting
services whole-heartedly.

Lorraine & Ron F.
Santa Clarita

Hello Chris,
Great job. My wife and I are very pleased with the way the
patio cover came out. We are already enjoying the cover.
Thank you so much, Dan

We recently hired Christopher French to build us a
free-standing patio cover over our above-ground spa. We are extremely pleased with the quality
workmanship we received from him and his sons. He has high standards of excellence and, in our opinion, he is top-notch. Even in today’s
hurried, multi-tasking world, Chris
doesn't cut corners, he takes the time to do it right the first time! His primary concern is having a satisfied

Over the past 30 years, we have had many contractors do work for us on three homes and he is, by far, the best we have ever hired. He is an
absolute pleasure to work with, too. Without a doubt, he will be the one we call for any of our future construction needs. Thanks Chris for a job
beautifully done.

The Ulms
Valencia, CA

Our house was built in the mid-60’s, so being 45+ years old means it’s time to pay extra attention to wear and tear and potential problems that incur
within.  In our case, we were concerned with rotting wood in the trim below the roof (fascia), and feared the possibility of termites. We called Chris
who came out within hours on the same day, which is impressive in itself! He confirmed our suspicions about
the termites. Fortunately it was in a
small area, and could be taken care of rather easily. After further discussion, we decided to
replace all of the fascia around the house, as well as
paint the exterior of our house and trim. We also had him paint our living room.

We hired Chris for the following reasons: His complete honesty is refreshing. His willingness to work with us within our budget, but
not sacrifice
quality work! His commitment to finish the job(s) in a prompt manner.

Our reward?
A wonderful job, well done by Chris, and his sons, Andrew and Paul!!!
We want him to do our kitchen in the spring! Thanks, a thousand times!

Doug & Cheri Ellington
Santa Clarita

In a word… WOW
We hired Chris French and his sons,
Andrew and Paul to do a major renovation at our house in Santa Clarita. They began by completely gutting
our kitchen…Ceiling, floors and walls all came down. The cabinets and drawers we had been forced to live with for the past 17+ years came
tumbling down. What went back up was nothing less than stunning!
Select Maple Cabinets that are gorgeous. Recessed LED lighting that really
illuminates the
beauty of the kitchen. Also, Under-Cabinet lighting was installed. We had the Sienna Bourdeaux granite installed, which Chris and
the guys truly enhanced with an
amazing backsplash, made from a combination of tumbled stone, accent pieces and glass inserts. Next up was a
beautiful tub and tile enclosure in our guest bathroom…Again, the results far exceeded our expectation! Chris and the boys also did lighting on our
replaced our front driveway, “gables” on our front windows, front door finish carpentry, and numerous other enhancements to our home.
Every step along the way was handled professionally, with meticulous attention to every detail and wonderful results!
I would recommend Christopher French Construction to anybody looking for super-quality work at affordable prices!
Many thanks…A real pleasure!!!
Douglas in Santa Clarita

Chris, People with your talent, your insight,
genuine desire to help others, at a fair price, should be shared!

Rick, Valencia

My wife and I stumbled upon Christopher French Construction Company while trying to find a company to refurbish our expensive French doors.  
From the moment I first talked to Mr. French on the phone I sensed that I had found the right guy.  He promptly returns calls.  He doesn't make
promises he can't keep.  He shows up when he tells you he will.  The people who do the actual work are usually just him and his son.  In the
interest of full disclosure, we ended up not using them to do the work and I'll tell you why.  He and his son went through all the trouble to remove
these two doors to get started.  They discovered some wood rot that I had not been aware of.  Instead of doing what so many other companies
would have done today, just complete the work and not tell me about the damage, Mr. French took me out and showed me the damage asking me
what I wanted to do.  I asked him for his advice.  Even though he was going to lose $700+ on the job, he advised us not to do the work.  This is a
level of honesty and integrity that you just don't see very often anymore.  When I later tried to pay them for the time they spent coming over to my
home and removing/replacing the doors, he wouldn't take my money.  I cannot tell you how impressed I am with Mr. French and this company.  I
cannot recommend them enough.  I plan on using them for all my construction needs in the future.   John Y., Valencia

I was extremely pleased with
my patio cover designed and built by Christopher French.  He designed exactly what I asked for; handled all the city
permitting; delivered on every promise he made; cleaned up his work area each day; went out of his way to use
techniques that strengthened my
patio cover rather than techniques that were cheaper or easier for him to build. He constructed with
high quality wood; allowed the wood to season
before delivering and completed the project with the
pieces already painted. My patio cover will probably outlast my house.  Michael

I would like to thank Chris and his guys for the
great job they did. They do quality work and are on the job when they say. I have dealt with other
contractors in the past that would not show up at times and did not have very
good work ethics. Chris started my job and finished when he said.
The patio cover they built
came out amazing and our family is really enjoying it. Chris stands behind his product and I will use him again in the
future. I would recommend him to anyone looking for some
quality craftsmanship, along with a professional attitude.

Billy & Linda Roskilly

Hello Chris,
We wanted to thank you for a job well done on our
wall and steps. It was a pleasure working with you; I knew from our first meeting that you were
the one we needed for our project.
Your ideas and options and your willingness to work with a very tight budget was most appreciated. We would
not hesitate to use your services for future projects and would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a genuine and honest person that does
quality work
the way it’s suppose to be done.
We wish you and your family a Happy & Healthy New Year!!  Sincerely, Robert & Rosalie

Thank you so much for all the
work you've done at our home.  We love our new kitchen and receive compliments on it regularly.  And my hubby is
basking in the glory of "his"
new garage floor.  I want you to know how much we have appreciated working with you and with your terrific team.  I'm
very picky when I choose a contractor to do
work in our home and look for someone who, not only comes with excellent references, but whom I feel
I can work and communicate well with.  In your case, Chris, you have been extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.  I have appreciated
your regular communication with me throughout
every project, your attention to detail and your willingness to discuss my thoughts and to problem-
solve with me.  When you told me something was going to happen, you were true to your word.  In addition, your entire team was wonderful to work
with - friendly, hard-working, thoughtful and respectful.  Our family enjoyed having you all around!
Michelle Witkin

We had Chris and his sons design and construct a patio cover for us. They were great showed up everyday on time and cleaned up at the end of
everyday. I love that they are the ones that actually do the work I feel like that's very rare these days. Couldn't be happier with the way it turned out
and how fast they were able to get it done. I highly recommend them.
Nicole G. Saugus CA

We had wanted to redesign our patio since we bought our house.  We had a lot of wasted space and our patio cover was an open design so we
couldn’t comfortably entertain in our backyard.  We met with Chris to go over our ideas and the related options and costs.  We explained our desire
to do a solid cover for our patio and make it into an outdoor room with a fireplace and kitchen.  He had a number of great ideas, including a
dramatic "A" frame design using the fireplace as a focal point.  He was very knowledgeable about the code requirements which allowed us to
anticipate possible issues and resolve them during the design phase.  He drew up very detailed plans with illustrations so we had a good idea of the
way it would look when completed.  We wanted to minimize the number of columns to keep an open feel and an unobstructed view of our pool.  
Chris suggested that we go with steel columns and a grade beam that ran underground so we could accomplish our goal.  He worked with an
engineer on the plans to make sure they would pass with the building department.  
Unlike most other contractors we have used, Chris was on the job site every day.  It was great to have him personally performing and supervising
the work.  He and his crew were careful to protect our windows and other property during the demolition phase.  They cleaned up the worksite at
the end of each day and did their best to make it safe if our kids got out in the backyard.  For each phase, he brought samples and even went with
us to the store to look at tile, stone and other materials.  He took the time to learn our preferred styles so his suggestions were very helpful.  He
suggested rough sawn beams with tongue and groove paneling to fit our old world theme.  The colors and textures worked perfectly.  Chris was
good about giving us options and helping us decide where to make compromises to keep costs down and where it was better to spend a little
more.  All the way through the project Chris did a good job keeping us up to date with what he was doing each week and where the money was
going.  In my opinion, what sets Chris apart from other contractors is his attention to detail and craftsmanship.  He treats the job like he was
building it for himself.  He doesn’t cut corners but is careful with each step to make sure everything is correct.  Everyone who sees the patio for the
first time says "Wow."  We are very pleased with how our patio turned out and will definitely use Chris in the future.

Aubrie and Jon
Valencia CA

Christopher French Construction is an awesome company! We love Chris and his son Andrew. They created a
rock fireplace in our family room. It
turned out beautiful. It is
exactly what we wanted and asked for. Chris has great customer service and attention to detail. He is reasonably priced
too. They got the job done within 3.5 days - exactly what he told us it would take. Him and his son are so polite and such a pleasure to work with.
We will definitely be using them again for updates to our house including a patio deck.

Amy A.
Santa Clarita CA

On time, on budget, and looks simply beautiful.  What more can I say.  We are thrilled with our new backyard and covered patio.  We bought a new
house in the West Hills community in Valencia, and the backyard came unfinished (just dirt).  We set out to get some bids for a patio, patio cover,
driveway extensions, retaining wall, grass, and trees.  Chris was the 3rd contractor we got a bid from, and we are so glad we talked with Chris.   He
is very organized.  The execution of the job went very smoothly.  He started when he said he would, he stuck with his prices, and even finished up a
couple days early.  He was able to juggle parts of the job around in order to wait for our fuel modification approval, and it still did not impact the
delivery of the work.  Chris is a very good listener, and was able to make recommendations on things that made sense for us.  (For example, we
have 3 boys who intend to use the grass to play on.  He recommended grass that heals quickly, and placed the sprinklers around the edges so
they wouldn't trip over them).

We have had problems in the past with contractors that increased the prices on us after the job began, or would start, work a couple days, show up
weeks later for a few days, etc.  That did not even happen with Chris French.  He always promptly returned phone calls, emails, was on site every
day until the job finished.   We are also very confident that we have all the correct permits for the work as well.

I think what clinched the job for Chris was the fact that he didn't just give us a bid that said he would do exactly what we asked for.  He worked with
us to get to a plan that made sense, wouldn't cause problems 5 years from now, and could be built to the existing codes.  When something didn't
make sense, he would carefully explain why.  We suggested leveling out one of our side yards and pouring all concrete.  He explained why that
would interfere with the drainage.  We also suggested a large patio cover - 20 ft deep.  He explained that our wall was at an angle to the property
line, and we could not put a cover closer than 5 feet of the property line.  This meant that the deepest the patio cover could be was 13 feet.  We
also asked about a vaulted patio cover.  He explained that the windows on the wall where the patio cover would need to be attached would need to
be moved, otherwise we couldn't get a pitch on the roof to match our house (an HOA requirement).  We had actually got bids from other
contractors for these things!

Interestingly enough, we did not explain to Chris that he was our third bid until after he finished our job.  It was so clear once the job was done that
the first two bids were garbage.  What is very scary is that we could not tell they were garbage.  The other contractors wanted us to sign contracts
for work that would not have been possible to build.  The diagrams were not drawn to scale, the patio covers would not have fit in the space in our
backyard, and they did not even consider how the changes would impact the drainage.   We feel very fortunate to have found a very good

Deirdre D.
Valencia, CA

Back in November of 2012 my wife and I called Christopher French Construction to get a bid on a job we needed to get done.  Contrary to his own
interests, Mr. French advised us not to do the job as the wood was rotten and it would have been a waste of money.  His honesty cost him a job,
but we were so impressed with his integrity, we filed his information away just in case we ever needed his services again.

In November of this year, to our horror, we discovered a major termite infestation all around our front porch.  It was so bad, the structural integrity
of our porch was compromised and was going to require a complete rebuild.  Remembering the positive experience we had had with Mr. French the
year before, we gave him a call to bid the job.

Although we had to wait several weeks to get started because of his work load, it turned out to be well worth the wait.  Our project could not have
gone better.  From beginning to end it was smooth and problem free.

Mr. French does the work himself along with his son Andrew.  They have a wonderful relationship and they clearly enjoyed being able to work
together.  They showed up like clockwork everyday at the same time, and other than their lunch period, worked hard and consistently all day long.  
There was no wasted time. They didn't have to keep running out to buy supplies they had forgotten. From start to finish, they were very efficient.  
Their work product was truly amazing and looks better than what the original home builder did when the house was first built.  Because of our
concern for future termite issues, they engineered my porch in such a way that another infestation will be far less likely.  Their solution to a
particular problem was genius.  We were very impressed.  It showed that they weren't here to simply rebuild my porch, but to help us avoid  future
problems.  We really appreciate this extra level of service as it went well beyond what one might expect from a contractor.

Over the week that our project took to complete we grew to enjoy their company and now view them as our friends.  Both Mr. French and his son
are honest, ethical and very personable.  They are talented, old school craftsmen. In so many projects my wife and I have done in the past, the
workers never appreciate it when you brought anything up that you wanted fixed or changed.  They just wanted to get in, get their money and get
out.  These guys could not have been more gracious and promptly and enthusiastically addressed every issue that came up.  We are not easy
people to work for as we are both perfectionists, but it never became an issue as both Mr. French and his son were so anxious to please us and
leave us satisfied with the whole experience.

I simply cannot say enough good things about Christopher French Construction.  THEY are what you hope to get when you hire a contractor.  
They did excellent work.  Their prices are reasonable. They were neat.  They clearly respected our home and possessions.  At the end of each
day, they did such a thorough cleanup job, you would have never known they were even there.  It was as painless a construction experience as
we've ever had.

Reading this rave review one might think that I am Mr. French's mother, friend or family member, or worse, Mr. French himself, but prior to my first
contact with him last year, I had never met any of them before.  I had no affiliation with him, his company or his family.  I don't write a lot of positive
reviews because, quite frankly, service nowadays is abysmal, but I just wanted to let you all know that you won't be disappointed if you chose
Christopher French Construction for all your construction needs.  Construction projects can be nightmarish and very, very stressful.  Evidently it
doesn't need to be.  You just have to find the right contractor.

John and Linda    Valencia, CA

After doing extensive research, I hired Chris to replace my shade-bar patio cover with a solid style one.  He was booked in advance but after he
was able to start my job I knew the wait was well worth it.  Chris and his son, Andrew, did an excellent job and took their time to make sure
everything was done the correct way.  I also had them replace some fascia that had dry rot and repair a small retaining wall that was cracking.  
Each job was completed with the same eye for detail.  Finally a true craftsman who cares about his work while making sure the customer is happy.  
I will contact Chris for anything that may arise in the future.  Great job!
Mary H.    Valencia, Ca

Chris, Thanks again for everything you and Andrew have done.  You two are truly incredible craftsman, wonderful people, and a fantastic team.  
Thank you,
Ken D.    Castaic, CA

My husband and I recently had the absolute pleasure of having Chris and his son Andrew in our home for an extensive kitchen remodel. I chose to
work with them after having 4 other cheesy contractors come to our home for quotes. They all left me feeling unimpressed, uninspired and
completely uninterested in working with them. Then, I met Chris. From the beginning, about a year ago, when we hashed out ideas (keep the
cooktop in place or vent a new range through the roof? lengthen the island? change the pantry? etc...literally, 5,000 additional what ifs), Chris was
honest, upfront and absolutely no BS. As I heard in other reviews prior to writing this today, his honesty and knowledgeable opinion are so
appreciated by a discerning customer. Chris cared about using quality products in our home (American made all the way!) and we worked, slowly
but surely, on ironing out every last detail. The plans for a truly unique custom kitchen were ready! The remodel began and from the first day they
joined us, both Chris and Andrew were nothing but respectful, careful, orderly, professional and a pleasure to have in our home (we both truly miss
them now that they are gone...not for long though, several upcoming projects await!!) If you are reading this review, I hope my words can exhibit
that this is the contractor in the greater Santa Clarita area that you should work with if you want your dreams to come to life and you want to have a
blast doing it :) Plus, the pictures speak for themselves! Thank you again to Chris and Andrew :)
J.S.   Santa Clarita CA
Flat screen TV with
electric fire place
and surround sound!
This beauty was built
with architectural stone
over cement board and
2x4 wood framing.

Behind the framing is
plastic conduit for HDMI
cable, power and
speakers. The fireplace
was a 120V electric unit.
mantle and corbels
were made of
rough-sawn Douglas fir,
stained to create a
warm contrast with the

Careful planning with
the customer and
skillful labor made this
entertainment center
functional and very
Ceramic Tile Work
(photo right)

When fiberglass
showers and bathtubs
get old, they can be very
discouraging or even
impossible to keep
clean. Mold and scum
build up over time and
take away their finish.
Ceramic tile can last for
years and years.

Many old homes, (50
years old or more)
which I have seen with
ceramic tile, still have
their shine and durable
finish. Its only their
colors and styles that
may become outdated.
The product itself is
Upgrade your old
doors with
solid-core panel
doors, casing and
trim. Replacing your
old doors throughout
can make a huge
difference in the
appearance and
value of your home.

Steel doors for the exterior
work great too. They never
warp and seal beautifully
against new
weatherstripping and